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The origin of country music is traced back in the 1920's. Lots of people, specially those from the outside of the USA, frequently believe that it's a new music style because of the rise of youthful country musicians and bands such as Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum who took the style of music back to life and presented it worldwide again. For those who are curious about the history of music and the many different types, they must be also interested in finding out the history of country music. It is certainly one of the most popular music styles in the United States today. It is even well-known outside of the USA such as in Canada and Australia, as many American country singers and musicians nowadays also have gained recognition outside of their home country. Probably the most preferred genre of country music within the 30s and 1940s was honky tonk. It was typically identified by the significant usage of guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and steel guitar. get Luke Bryan stubs Back then, the most famous and probably the very best country music "idol" was Al Dexter, a famous musician and song writer who developed the name "honky tonk". His first hit track was "Honky Tonk Blues". "Pistol Packin' Mama", another one of Dexter's countless hits, was used as the marching chorus of the NY Yankees throughout the year 1943. Ernest Tubb, better known as the Texas Troubadour, was additionally regarded as an innovator of the sub-genre. Actually, the rise of honky tonk was by the greatest hit, "Walking the Floor Over You", released in 1941. Another popular country sub-genre during those times was Western music. Traditional western songs were usually about the highs and lows of the daily cowboy existence. The style was made popular by artists like Sons of the Pioneers as well as Gene Autry, and it was defined by using string devices (including the fiddle and double bass) and harmonica. While the music genre progressed through the decades, more sub-genres were created, for example country soul music, rockabilly, and also alternative country. These days, country music features bits and pieces of various other music styles so it is no surprise that it sounds a lot dissimilar to what it was once in the past. Through studying its short background, individuals will be capable to love the genre a lot more as it has influenced many excellent artists today to produce the best music folks listen to, love, enjoy, and adore.