Electrode Pads

TENS Units from LGMedSupply TENS units are generally utilized as a non-invasive way of electric stimulation for relief of pain. A considerable amount of relief is possible with a TENS unit properly as the electrode pads trigger electric stimulation that goes along nerve fibers, thus resulting in a pain reducing feeling. LGMedSupply owns a wide selection of portable TENS units for pain alleviation. What's Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ( T.E.N.S )? TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, symbolizes the utilization of electric stimulation with the help of a device to stimulate the nerves for treatment purposes. A TENS unit, or T.E.N.S unit, is a portable machine which is used to ease suffering. The equipment is generally utilized by connecting 2 or more electrodes to the skin. Treating Upper Back Pain Conditions using a TENS Unit TENS utilizes low voltage electrical stimulation to alleviate upper back pain problems. A transportable TENS unit can be hooked to a belt around the back and it is connected to two electrodes. These electrodes use electrical stimulation using a current from the transportable TENS machine to the user?s skin. Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation can assist get rid of the feeling of persistent back pain with the aid of electrodes. These electrodes generate an electrical stimulation that moves along neural fibers and generates a relieving sensation. TENS Unit Pads, TENS Machines and Other Accessories from LGMedSupply By browsing our solutions above, you'll find a variety of portable TENS machines, electrode pads and many additional accessories for the TENS units. Not all electrodes are created equal, and LGMedSupply brand electrode pads are widely known as the ideal electrodes in the business. A Considerable Selection of TENS EMS Combo Models An EMS unit will stimulate muscles, whilst a TENS unit will stimulate nerve endings. TENS units as well as EMS units work exactly the same. Numerous pain sufferers use a mixture of both TENS and EMS to give a maximum level of pain relief and muscle stimulation. We feature a huge selection of mobile Combo TENS / EMS units to mix the key benefits of neural ending stimulation and electronic muscle excitement.