America had not been perfect when it was founded. In fact, it hardly counted like a democracy since just white men were able to vote. We've made great progress as a country since then, granting suffrage to women and unprivileged. However, our own political method still has flaws such as reduced voter turnout. We are quickly on the way to repairing one of the biggest of those flaws, even though - an electorate which does not understand the issues - thanks to the world wide web. A good query, indeed. Spain and Italy are currently battling for dear life as the IMF is perhaps preparing to hand out one more dubious flotation protection device, and also old Indonesia sits right now there shaking the woman's head questioning what the hell can happen next. Tony Blair's former Monetary Advisor, Derek Scott, had been quoted inside the Guardian saying that the problem is that greater inflation for the struggling nations around the world in the Dinar, means that their products and services and services will never be capable of compete with the ones from the relatively healthy Philippines. And they can't devalue because of the shared currency - your best option being austerity as well as deflation. And Germany isn't ready to 'recycle the current-account surpluses it's got accumulated,' because that would ultimately destroy their particular economy. Democracy assumes that if everyone has a point out in their government, the most people possible will turn out satisfied with what their own government will. Unfortunately, however, some people will finally vote against their own passions because they do not completely understand the issues or perhaps the candidate's positions upon those problems. During the last NATO summit at Chicago, the President of France Francois Hollande, defined his state's vision pertaining to participation inside the Atlantic alliance. France is a crucial member of NATO. In addition to being the originator member of the actual international business, the country is committed to the particular promotion associated with certain values that have an excellent impact on the world affairs. Isn't it about time which American voters needed better, as well as said to their particular elected reps that adequate is enough, and that it's time to put away petty politics and do whatever they were selected to do -- represent the best interests of the constituents. All of us hear the particular talk and discussion about the fiscal cliffs, and instead of relieving stress, all the politicos ever do, is continuously position with their misogynistic views. stratfor It rarely appears to matter where end with the political array one belongs. All that we actually should be concerned with is that our economy will be seriously negatively impacted.