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Operations as well as maintenance would be the two systems for which assessment of expenses is important because these phases regarding ERP software life cycle incur heavy expenses on total cost of ownership. Both of these stages of ERP life-cycle are process and people oriented hence it is sometimes complicated to assess concealed costs but in these stages most of the indirect costs reside and direct costs are shifted away. Staff training, introduction of experienced and trained IT staff for internal support, utilization of most suitable execution strategy, alter management, availability and cost of new upgrades as well as benchmarking of current operations tend to be few facilities which shall be studied well to identify invisible costs in operations and maintenance levels. There was a time whenever any school management method had to struggle hard to manage the company's day-today running. Actually, even now, supervision and administrator have a hard time handling normal activities and issues of big educational institutions. After having a lot of research, software companies developed the idea of a good ERP based software method that will totally change the typical systems in just a university or college. Universities that run on ERP software have a systemized method of carrying out numerous functions. Inside the few factors below, discussed are some significant changes that ERP based program will bring to be able to large educational institutions. Netsuite is the greatest ERP software provider inside software as a service model. The business initially has been named because Netledger but now it gives you hosted ERP solutions for middle of the size as well as divisions of enormous companies mostly. The cost of ERP options is quite few as compared to some other solutions in the market which will get it inside easy reach of mid dimension companies. It has rich functionality in terms of data processing as organization initially was providing data processing solutions and may support functioning of large businesses too. Prior to any school management spends its money on ERP, it is crucial to understand that it is a long term concern for your institution. The options offered by ERP software program determine its utility in all aspects. Fundamentally, it is crucial to get a software system that is configurable and customizable according to the useful needs. manufacturing software The management will need to have the power to change and change points in the ERP to suit business needs. One more thing to look out may be the availability of add-on functions. This may contain introduction of biometric techniques, GPS, wise cards and much more.