IT solutions

Convergia's Cloud Office is a managed all-in-one IT solution. CloudOffice involves Desktop as a Service, Disaster Recovery as Service, Structure as a Service, Business Programs as Service. Cloud Office doesn't have the natural restrictions of countless present server managed virtual desktops (SHVD). A totally maintained CloudCompliance software can satisfy and surpass a lot of enterprise compliance requirements. Convergia provides the finest Fibre Dedicated Net help. Our Fibre Dedicated Internet gives symmetric Online access over our Fibre optic network, helping you to support a full range of applications, for example IP telephony, MPLS-IP-VPN, Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), teleworkers, Unified Communications and Collaboration instruments. Convergia's Business Internet service offers asymmetric Online access and different last miles like Fibre optic or Cable, enabling the assistance of different apps, like IP telephony, Unified Communications as well as Cooperation resources. Convergia's Standard Business Web service offers asymmetrical speeds for just about any budget and corporations of all sizes and high speed alternatives at reasonable prices. Unified Communications